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Escape the Night


Escape the Night features 11 well known YouTubers who will have to use their given abilities to survive the night in Joey Graceffa's mansion in the year 1920. The goal in mind on all of them is to escape to get back to 2016. To do so they must solve puzzles, survive voting, and find all 4 artifacts. The only catch is they have 1 night to do so or they will be stuck in the year 1920 forever.


Shane Dawson (The Renegade)

Eva Gutowski (The Journalist)

Glozell Green (The Jazz Singer)

Oli White (The Big Game Hunter)

Justine Ezarik (The Gambler)

Andrea Brooks (The Fixer)

Matt Haag (The Professer) 

Sierra Furtado (The Heiress)

Lele Pons (The Huslter)

Timothy DeLaGhetto (The Mobster) 


Episode 1 ~ An Invitation ~ Shane dies by poisoning

Episode 2 ~ The Ungodly Machine ~ Andrea is killed by a poisonous gas

Episode 3 ~ Buried Alive ~ Justine is buried alive

Episode 4 ~ Mannequins ~ Glozell is killed by death journal

Episode 5 ~ Freak Show ~ Deaths-none

Episode 6 ~ Did Someone Call For An Exorsist? ~ Sierra is killed during exorism 

Episode 7 ~ Mermaid Tails ~ Matt is poisoned 

Episode 8 ~ All Out War ~ Timothy is killed by a self inflicted shot to the head during Russian roulette

Episode 9 ~ Wicked Hallucinations ~ Lele is electrocuted to death

Episode 10 ~ Betrayal At The House On The Hill ~ no death